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Post  Seraph on Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:00 am

Heya All,

Sorry I haven't been on very much, been really busy revising for exams Sad Maple always eats up alot of time so I'm on leave atm (as previously mentioned).

In any case, Graf and I have been hitting up MW2 every now and again for a few quick games. I'm happy to report I no longer totally suck but I'm not brilliant either Razz (I haz higher K/D ratio then Graf though muwhahahaha)

Anyway, Graf's PSN is in the PS3 thread and as ever I operate on a "don't add me, I'll add you" premise Razz So if you play MW2 on PS3 from time to time, drop a comment or add Graf Razz

My ping isn't brilliant in US games and I'm really not playing alot so don't mind me!

Anywho, I ramble on, see you all around soon I hope!


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