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Post  Seraph on Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:58 pm

Heya All,

Here is a list of a few regulations, not as strong as rules but things you should bare in mind!
  • When creating a user account, please try to use a sensible username!
  • Please ensure you use a strong password (include numbers, symbols, emotes and sign language) Razz
  • Respect all other members of the forum, especially the moderators!
  • Please keep your signature small (i.e. at most one Henesys sig).
  • If you post a link to a large picture, please use spoiler tags to hide them.
  • When quoting others, please try to hide any images they use with spoiler tags.
  • Only trusted members of ZeroKaos are given access to our private forums!
More to come as we think of them!

~ Mont

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