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Seraph's Wind Archer Guide - v0.5 Empty Seraph's Wind Archer Guide - v0.5

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Heya All!

Welcome to my Wind Archer guide full of the many insights I have had whilst reading other guides and training my Wind Archer. This guide is by no means comprehensive but I will endeavour to cover all the basics and keep it updated.

*N.B.* This guide uses HTML, please ensure it is enabled in your profile. (Oh and please don't steal my guide Razz)

Keep checking back for updates!
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The Wind Archer (WA) is a part of the new set of characters called Cygnus Knights (CKs). Unlike normal characters (adventurers) these CKs can only level up to 120 max and up to level 70 they earn 6AP points whenever they level up. There are 5 different types of CK which reflect the main 5 adventurer types. As you might have guessed Wind Archer is the CK equivalent of Bowman!

1.1 - Pros & Cons
The main problem with CKs is the the level cap which is a lot lower, which limits your potential. However there are some distinct advantages to CKs:
  • Extra AP they earn means they are alot stronger than their equivalent adventurers, level for level.
  • Earn 4th job skills in 3rd job (more on this later).
  • Get Echo of Hero at level 120 rather than level 200 (more on this later).
  • Have some fun and unique skills (more on this later).
Personally I just found it a nice change of pace!

1.2 - Why choose a WA?
Well this is obviously a personal preference but I thought I'd just give you "the pitch". This is by no means a "zomg WA pwns j00 all" statement, just simply meant as a guide for those considering it. Smile

WAs offer one of the most balanced and versatile gameplay experiences in Maple. Obviously you get all the long range gameplay but you also get to dabble in some Close Quarter Combat (CQC). Unlike normal Bowmen, at low levels you don't get the frustration of being slow and unable to handle large mobs/CQC. Training is relatively inexpensive and there are a lot of spots to try out!

Visually the WA is quite sexy, Eagle Eye works well for girl characters and Hurricane is a rare enough commodity (4th job archers are relatively rare). This definitely is a personal preference but I think its fair to say WAs stand out from the crowd.
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Setting aside the fanboy rant, let's launch into all the basics!

2.1 - Creating Your WA
This process has become incredibly simple compared to what it used to be! Now all you need is an empty character slot, click Create on the Character Select Screen and then click Cygnus Knight! After that you get all the usual options such as name, sex and appearence.

2.2 - CK: First Steps
There is a tutorial for CKs which is a lot like the one for Adventurers. Apparently you can skip this tutorial now but I recommend you do it as it's a bunch of free pots and a few free levels. Smile I think they even auto assign your AP for you until you make your 1st job advancement at level 10 too!

In any case, I personally find the quickest way to level 10 is to do the tutorial then you land in Evere where there are some quests that get you levelled up in no time!

Once you make level 10, I do believe you have to talk to Nineheart and then Irena to make the advancement. Congratulations, you are now a Wind Archer!

2.3 - AP Guide
As soon as you make the job advancement you get to reset all the AP you earnt. Just like a normal Bowman the WA uses DEX as their primary stat and STR as their secondary stat. The general rule of thumb to remember is:

STR = Level + 5
DEX = As high as possible Very Happy

So it is a good idea to start with 15 STR and all the rest into DEX!

There are STR-less WA/Archers but I think with the release of Reverse weapons it really does pay off to be Normal if not just Low STR. Personally I have my STR capped at 70 but I am sure you can change out STR/DEX equips as necessary.

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The first job is very similar to that of Bowman except like all CKs you get a summon. Storm is the WA summon and although its not hugely useful in your end game, I recommend it as it helps in lower levels.

3.1 - SP Guide
This is my build which doesn't get Focus but gets Storm instead (more on this later).

Level 10 - 1 Double Shot
Level 11-13 - 3 Eye Of Amazon
Level 14 - 1 Eye Of Amazon, 1 Critical Shot, 1 Storm (Max EoA)
Level 15-20 - 3 Critical Shot
Level 21 - 1 Crticial Shot, 2 Double Shot (Max CS)
Level 22-26 - 3 Double Shot
Level 27 - 2 Double Shot (Max DS), 1 Storm
Level 28-30 - 3 Storm (11 Storm)

In the end you have:
08 Eye Of Amazon
20 Double Shot
20 Critical Shot
11 Storm

3.2 - Why this build?

So why follow this build you say? Well getting 1 Double Shot helps you deal some decent damage asap. After that you max EoA first as you really want more range. This helps you snipe and generally kill things faster as you don't have to move around so much.

Getting 1 Storm after that really helps to keep mobs at bay and speeds up your killing a little bit. Maxing Critical Shot is done before Double Shot as it is free damage (no extra mp cost) and it effects your normal attack as well.

I suppose the point of debate is the 11 Storm over getting Focus. As mentioned previously I feel Storm helps at low levels with mob control and adds a nice bit of damage. The main thing to note is that you can max Focus later and Storm is more helpful now (more on this later).

3.3 - Where to train?

This is probably one of the harder set of levels to get through as you lack mobbing moves and any CQC moves. Having said that it, these are the newbie levels and if you play your cards right you can be level 30 in one day!

Level 10 - 20
Just follow the Cygnus Story Quests. They give a lot of exp and they are fun so the time goes quickly.

Good grinding spots include:
  • Piggy Mini Dugeon (2 maps right out of Henesys).
  • Orange/Cynical Mushrooms (1 map right out of Henesys, top right corner).
Level 20 - 30
The Cygnus Story Quests are still ongoing and decent exp, I would stick with them. Other than this you now have decent PQs you can do like Ariant Colleseum Party Quest (ACPQ) and Kerning Party Quest (KPQ).

Note for ACPQ it's faster exp than KPQ but I find it really boring. In KPQ you get rewards and also the chance of getting Slime Shoes (+1 all stats) which is nice. For both PQs please refer to another guide for more details!

Again good grinding spots include:
  • Bubbling [Blue Slimes] (Kerning Subway)
  • Wild Boar ([You must be registered and logged in to see this link.])
  • Horny Mushroom/Zombie Mushroom (Ant Tunnel)

4 - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Congratulations, you make it past the most difficult levels and make it to the second job! This is where the Wind Archer starts to really set itself apart from the normal Bowman and begins to shine! Very Happy

4.1 - SP Guide
Level 30 - 1 Storm Break
Level 31-35 - 3 Storm Break (lvl 16 SB)
Level 36-41 - 3 Bow Mastery
Level 42 - 1 Bow Mastery, 2 Storm Break (lvl 16 BM)
Level 43 - 2 Storm Break, 1 Wind Walk (Max SB)
Level 44-50 - 3 Thrust (Max Thrust)
Level 51+ - (Wind Walk, Booster, Soul Arrow)

TODO >.>

4.2 - Why this build?
Now you maybe wondering what the hell is with this guide which gets skills in a very weird order. Well the main point is that when you make 2nd job you unlock one of the best moves in your arsenal as a Wind Archer. Namely that of Storm Break!

More to come...

4.3 - Where to train?

5 - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Welcome to the third and final job that you get as a Wind Archer. This is one of the shortcomings of CK but as previously mentioned you do still get to play around with some 4th job skills!

5.1 - SP Guide

5.2 - Why this build?

5.3 - Where to train?

Skill build and training spots

End Game
Echo of Hero

Major Bosses

Useful links:
Version notes:
0.1 - Initial stub, created section headings.
0.2 - Fleshed out the introduction alot.
0.3 - Begun the basics section and added contents.
0.4 - Fleshed out basics, contents and begun First Job guide.
0.5 - Added a bit about training spots in First Job.
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